6 Tips On Boosting Your Home On A Budget

If you’re planning to sell your house to improve your home’s market value, planning a renovation and improvement project is simply a must. This way, even with a limited budget, you can maximize your gains, which you could use to add on to your next home purchase goal. As such, you can allow your property to have a more sophisticated look without breaking the bank.

Although you don’t really have to upgrade your home if you’re selling to cash home buyers like The Local House Buyers or other similar companies, it’s still a wise thing to do so that you can get the most profit out of your property. Fortunately, even if you’re on a budget, you can still improve your home’s market value at minimum expense. The more you can save and earn more from your property, the better cash flow for your household.

Listed below are some tips on boosting your home on a budget:  

  1. Repaint Your Walls
    If your home’s existing colors still use loud and bright shades, you should consider repainting them to a more neutral tone, such as white, gray, and beige. In this way, you can cater to more potential home buyers as most people would prefer to have a blank canvas rather than working around their way with unusual colors. While the repainting works might be quick and easy, some people would choose to purchase a home that’s move-in ready rather than having to worry about small house improvements.

    When repainting your walls, try to provide a light and airy color that can help to maximize the appearance of your space. If you could repaint your ceilings into white, the better it would be for your property.

    Ideally, you should also consider repainting the bedrooms into something more gender-neutral to allow the home buyer’s imagination to run wild. That’ll give them the option to repurpose the bedroom into an office, gym, or playroom for their children.

  2. Update Fixtures
    For your kitchen and bathroom fixture, you might still be using stainless steel designs as they’re durable and would go well with any style that you wish to have. While they might be a standard option for most homeowners, you might want to consider updating your fixtures into something more modern for a brand-new look.Apart from the stainless finish, you should consider having matte black, copper, or rose gold finishes for your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Ideally, you should only use one finish per area for a unified look. For example, you can go for a matte black sink and faucets for your kitchen and have a rose gold finish for your bathroom.

    When updating your fixtures, try to ensure that it blends well with the overall appearance of your kitchen and bathroom. This will help to promote proper flow and bendability within the area. With this small improvement, you can dramatically improve the appearance of your property, especially that most home still uses stainless steel.

  3. Change Your Kitchen’s Backsplash
    Another cheap renovation that can improve the appearance of your home is by updating your kitchen’s backsplash into something more unique and modern at the same time. Unlike changing the entire wall, your kitchen’s backsplash would usually go around with four inches, making it a cheaper alternative. More importantly, most homeowners take the importance of a good backsplash design as it’ll allow them to work their magic in the kitchen happier.
    There are plenty of backsplash ideas that you can choose to have for your kitchen. You can go with painted glass, subway tiles, marble, penny tiles, or a chevron pattern. The option will depend on your decision about how you’d like your kitchen to look. Just ensure that its color matches well with the entire appearance of your kitchen, ideally with the countertops and cabinets, as they have direct contact with them.
  4. Clean Up the Basement or Attic
    If your property has a basement or an attic, it would be great if you could give the potential home buyers the ability to turn the space into something more useful rather than another storage area. With proper staging, you can attract more clients to your new home as they can see the full potential of what your basement has to offer.When cleaning up the basement or the attic, you should consider repainting the walls, updating the light fixture, and changing the floors. While a flooring upgrade might cost a bit more, it might be essential, especially when its current health is in poor condition.
  5. Update the Lighting Design
    A typical home uses an ordinary LED bulb for their home’s lighting option. While they can effectively light up your home, you should consider updating the lighting design into something more modern and sophisticated. To save up on the additional electrical wiring, updating the fixture itself would be a better option. Along with this, you can also purchase them at your local thrift store for a cheaper alternative.You should consider adding pendant or drop lights on the main area of your household. It can either be in your living area, lanai, kitchen, or bathrooms. For your kitchen lighting, you should consider changing the bulbs into drop pendant lights by the kitchen island to provide depth. With this small and cheap improvement, you can allow the room to look modern and beautiful.
  6. Add A Bathtub
    If you have a spacious bathroom, you should consider adding a bathtub as they’re not expensive but could improve your property’s market value dramatically. In this way, you can update the look of your bathroom by making it look high-end without having to burn your pockets.

    Depending on the space allocation of your bathroom, you can choose to have a free-standing bathtub or include one in your shower area. Ideally, you should always go for the former to allow maximum relaxation without making the room look crowded and full.

    To improve your home’s market value even more, adding a headrest feature would surely highlight your home as it can provide maximum comfortability for the user. No matter how clean and posh a bathtub looks, if the person still needs to use a roll-up towel for neck support, it might not be a favorable choice for the home buyer.


Boosting your home to increase its market value would always be beneficial to improve your profit. For maximum cash flow, renovating your home on a budget would always be ideal. Just ensure that you allow the overall look to flow evenly with each other, attracting more people and making the property look more united and organized.

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