Bathroom Remodeling In Branford – Guilford, CT Patch

Bathrooms are an important part of any home. They’re a place where you can relax, refresh and get ready for the day ahead. If your bathroom in Branford, CT is looking old or outdated, it’s time to consider remodeling it with new fixtures and furniture that will give your bathroom a modern look. Here are four unique tips for creating a beautiful modern bathroom in Branford!

Add a modern towel rack that stands out from the old-style towel racks.

The towel rack should be attractive and make a statement about the new look of the bathroom remodel Branford. It’s also important to have enough room for all your towels so you don’t have to fold them or stack them on top of each other when they are wet, which can lead to mildew buildup in an area that’s not well ventilated. Keep in mind that the height of your racks should be within easy reach so guests can hang up their towels after they use them without having to step on the floor while getting out from under the walk-in shower construction Branford.

Use sleek metal finishes in the shower area 

A modern bathroom remodels Branford is all about sleekness and minimalistic. Use these finishes in the shower area to achieve this look: metal, glass, or glossy tile floors; dark grout lines on white tiles; a large frameless glass “shower door” for a seamless feel. Metal wall paneling will also give your space an edgy vibe. If you want something more subtle that still offers some texture (and privacy!), try using natural stone tiles like slate or marble with black grout lines for contrast.

Choose glass instead of tile as your flooring material

Glass is a popular choice for modern bathrooms because it’s usually clear and glossy, making the space feel bright. Glass tiles are even available now, creating an illusion of water on your flooring. Plus, they’re easy to clean, which will come in handy when you have a bath remodel Branford over.

Invest in quality materials so that they last longer

If you are planning on remodeling your shower, make sure to invest in high-quality materials. This will ensure that the fixtures and flooring last longer than cheap alternatives, which often wear out quickly. So when you are looking at bathtubs or showers for your bathroom renovation plan, ask the company if they offer cast iron bathtubs or solid tile floors. Also, be careful when finding a contractor who will do work on your Branford bath remodeling because there are many unreliable companies out there these days!

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