Designs Ideas For Creating A Haunted House

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has many items and DIY recipes to craft the perfect Haunted House scene wherever and however players would like.

As Halloween draws near, Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans may be seeking ways to decorate their homes and islands for the holiday, and those looking to craft the perfect Haunted House may be stuck on where to start. There are limited buildings that players can decorate, but thankfully there are many ways to implement Haunted Houses for those that want them.

While Animal Crossing: New Horizons has plenty of Halloween-themed items, sometimes customizing common items can be the key to unlocking a truly unique design. Many of Animal Crossing’s most effective Haunted House builds prominently feature items like books, silos, tables, and more. When adjusted to match a specific color palette, these items can become horrifying details in an unsolved murder mystery.

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Every island is capable of reflecting the spooky themes of Halloween, both indoors and outdoors. While pumpkins and Animal Crossing’s Fall decorations can make a cheery, welcoming scene, some players may be looking to increase the spook factor of their island settlement. Players looking to make horror-themed scenes in their homes and on their islands should look no further than the following examples, which can make the most welcoming house seem downright horrific.

An ACNH Player Made Their Own Haunted Mansion

One of the most iconic films for Halloween is the Haunted Mansion, which Disney later adapted into a ride at Disneyland and Disney World. Fans of the movie and theme park rides may be inspired by weary_bones, who designed a Haunted Mansion replica on their island. Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ signs lead the way alongside pathwork and terraforming. The accuracy is a nostalgic thrill ride through the Disney park attraction. Complete with a queue to ‘wait in’ outside, players can design their own dining room, portrait room, and even an indoor graveyard. The charming tour is accompanied by some of the Haunted Mansion soundtrack, which unfortunately can’t be replicated in-game.

Original Haunted Houses Can Be Made In Animal Crossing Too

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Nintentalk shows off ways to make use of some of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ most common items turn an island home into a house of horrors. The first room players see is covered in the trash flooring, which can be found in the Residential Services recycling bin. The low light of the room is offset by a haunting, flickering candle, and the doll at the piano creates a chilling atmosphere for any visitors. Animal Crossing library designs can sometimes be overdone, but Nintentalk’s chaotic decorations give an eerie feeling to the room. The shadowy atmosphere produces uneasy feeling, and the books and papers on the floor suggest something else got to the room before the player did.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Haunted Houses Don’t Need To Be Houses

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PokeGirl7 detailed a way to construct a new building on Animal Crossing islands without Tom Nook. The process is relatively simple, and involves many of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ DIY or common items. Customization kits are also required to match the color palettes shown in the video, and additional patterns are available on Animal Crossing’s Custom Design Kiosk. To complete this design, players need to have access to New Horizons’ terraforming tools, which creates the optical illusion of the house’s various levels. Though PokeGirl7 doesn’t emphasize on the pathway leading up to the Haunted House, it’s plain to see some thought has gone into the island’s scenery. Pairing this cliffside design with looming pine trees, glowing jack-o-lanterns, and ominous signs could be the perfect design for Animal Crossing islands this Halloween.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans can mirror these designs or use them as inspiration for their own Haunted Houses. Creative uses of New Horizons’ many tools ensures every player can craft a near-perfect scene for the upcoming spooky season. With just under a month to perfect Halloween-themed designs, players eager to make their Haunted Houses and share them with friends should start working now. With luck, some of these designs can provide a good starting point for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players.

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Source: weary_bones/Twitter, Nintentalk/YouTube, PokeGirl7/YouTube

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