Funk: Why ranch-style homes are popular, perfect for aging in place

By Wayne Funk

Throughout the past two decades, we have seen a number of new and modern housing styles that have propped up in communities across the country, but throughout this time one of the most popular and enduring home styles has not been something new and modern but a classic design made popular by our parents and grandparents. The ranch-style home has stood the test of time and remains one of the most popular homes for both new and old homeowners across the Valley.

Ranch-style homes are by far the most popular home in the U.S. with 34 states including Arizona listing them as the most popular architectural style, according to a study by real estate company Trulia.

A lot of Arizona residents may not recognize the defining features of a ranch-style home, but once you spot them you will see them in many neighborhoods. A ranch home’s defining features are single-story living, open concept living area, dining area and kitchen. A ranch-style home also features large front patios, large back patios, long and low pitch rooflines, cross-gabled roofs, and quaint adornments and architectural details.

Ranch homes are an enduringly popular architectural design and I think they have maintained their popularity for a number of reasons. For one ranch-style homes represent the open and relaxed living style of many Arizona homeowners. The open concept design on spacious lots with large front and back yards perfectly encapsulates the appeal of Arizona desert living. This open and free appeal was a big reason we built ranch-style homes in our Club Village at Superstition Mountain Community. The classic and open ranch-style concept fits nicely with the views of the Tonto National Forest and the community golf course.

Ranch-style homes are also popular because of their relative simplicity and versatility. They are easier to maintain since it is easier to clean a one-story space over a two-story space. Their one-story design also makes it easier to heat and cool your home as well as do any home renovations. These homes also offer something for both young and old Arizona homeowners. For young people, the ranch-style home is a perfect home for starting a family with its open floor plan, free of stairs to baby proof, and easy access to the laundry room and the kids’ bedrooms.

The popularity of ranch-style homes persists because these are the perfect home for aging in place. The versatility of a ranch home makes it easy to change up the layout of your home as you get older and the kids leave the house.

Arizonans’ love for ranch-style homes is not going away anytime soon. These homes will remain appealing to an older generation looking to find their forever home, as well as with a younger generation looking to start a family in an affordable, sleek and practical home.

Ranch-style homes are the quintessential Arizona home. Their large patios, sprawling open floor design and expansive windows are the perfect fit for anyone looking out onto the Arizona desert. They are and will remain one of the most popular homes in the state and the country.

Editor’s note: Wayne Funk is the principal of Mesa homebuilder Bellago Homes.,264127